Engage Every Student in your Google Classrooms

Pear Deck makes it easy to plan and build interactive lessons directly from your Google Drive that promote active learning in the classroom. As students interact with the lesson, real-time data provides instructors the feedback they need to adapt teaching on-the-fly.

How does Pear Deck work?

1 Build Your Deck

Create a new Pear Deck from Google Drive then use our superbly designed editor to quickly create static, multiple choice, Draggable™, or free response slides—or simply import slides from Powerpoint (or any presentation building software) as a PDF.

2 Start a Session

Launch a unique presentation session straight from the editor to students in your class via your Google Apps for Education domain. Our Google Chrome extension even lets you launch the presentation on their device with no cooperation required.

3 Engage Your Students

Students follow along on their device and respond to the unique question types when prompted. As the teacher, your device can isolate individual or groups of answers to put on the projector for further discussion or review.

Create Compelling Questions with Unique Interactions

Getting Started with Pear Deck

Pear Deck is currently in limited Beta. Do you think your school would be a good fit? We’re looking for schools that:

  • Use Google Apps for Education
  • Use or are evaluating Chromebooks
  • Are driven to fostering an environment of Active Learning
  • Are driven to increase and improve formative assessments and data-driven instruction

Sign in with Google to Apply

We've got your email down as {{user.emailAddress}} and we'll email you as soon as we can! The app will start working automatically when we can let you in the beta. Install the app for individual teachers now and we'll enable it when we can let you in to the beta.

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